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Ancient Oaks Foundation


June 20, 2016


Mayor Signs Monarch Pledge

Lake Zurich, Il, June 20, 2016– In conjunction with the Ancient Oaks Foundation, the Village of Lake Zurich has become a “Save the Monarch” city. This program, headed by the US Fish and Wildlife Service, seeks to stem the estimated 90% decline of the monarch butterfly, the iconic orange and black insect that graces North America.  This decline, an estimated 90% in the past 10 years, is due to several factors including habitat destruction, overuse of insecticides and destructive weather changes in their winter habitat in Mexico. The consequences of this decline are being felt in farm related industries, as monarchs are major pollinators of food crops.  And their grace and beauty are being lost.

Monarch Butterfly on Butterfly Milkweed

Monarch Butterfly on Butterfly Milkweed

“The Ancient Oaks Foundation is please that the Village of Lake Zurich understands the importance of the monarch butterfly and the need for providing habitat for this important part of the web of life.   Thanks to Mayor Poynton for making the Mayors Monarch Pledge” said Judi Thode, president of, the Ancient Oaks Foundation.  This pledge ensures that at last 8 specific actions, ranging from establishing butterfly gardens to changing insecticide usage on village property,  will be taken within the next year.  To date, 11 actions items have been completed, placing Lake Zurich into the USFWS “Mayors Monarch Leadership Circle” It is one of only 6 Illinois municipalities to achieve this standing.

The Village and the Ancient Oaks Foundation are partnering to help raise community awareness about the plight of the monarch and steps that can be taken to remediate this decline.  The Ancient Oaks Foundation, a nonprofit conservation organization based in Lake Zurich, has established and maintains several butterfly gardens within village parks and natural areas.  They are providing free milkweed seed to any resident who requests some via email and will be distributing seed packets at the various events they are sponsoring throughout the summer and fall. Milkweed, when mature, is the preferred habitat for monarch reproduction as well as food and shelter for monarch caterpillars and chrysalides.  Providing it in home gardens will improve the reproductive capabilities of the monarch and is something that the average person can do to help reverse this decline.  To receive your free packet of milkweed seed contact AOF at leave a home address and it will be mailed to you.

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