AOF maintains 22 bird nesting boxes around the Lake Zurich area in cooperation with the Village of Lake Zurich. We need several people to monitor these boxes for nesting activity over the course of the spring/summer.  This is an easy and rewarding way to will help our local birds have successful nesting seasons.   Monitoring includes recording nest use and baby bird development, troubleshooting nest problems, cleaning used boxes and preparing for subsequent nestings.  Last year we had 119 successful fledges from these boxes.

Before you begin: 
  • Educate yourself about bird box monitoring by reading the bird box monitoring information at Cornell University Lab of Ornithology ‘s Another resource that will help you: (This is a bluebird website but has loads of information about monitoring in general).
  • Take the Nestwatch certification test and forward the certificate of completion to AOF.  (
  • Contact us with your choice of nesting sites (see below) 
  • You will receive a folder with monitoring forms on which you will record the findings from each visit. 
Start monitoring boxes:
Monitor your assigned bird nesting boxes once or twice a week from early April through late July ( if you’re going to be gone on vacation during this time, let us know and we will watch for you during that time) 
You will record your findings on a record sheet prepared for each box each time you visit your boxes.  Each box visit should take only a minute or so; this is not a time-consuming activity but it does need to be done regularly. In early August you will turn in your folder so that information can be submitted to the Cornell University’s Lab of Ornithology.
We will mentor you in any way you need including visiting boxes with you if you have a question or concern.  
 Here is a list of our nest box sites.  Each will be assigned on a first come, first choice basis.
  • 7 boxes at Kuechmann Park on Old Rand Rd
  • 4 boxes at Oak Ridge Park near Old Rand Rd.
  • 3 boxes at Manor Park pond at Miller Rd.
  • 3 boxes at Hunters Creek Park on Pheasant Ridge Drive
  • 2 boxes at The Community Services Building wetland at 505  Telser Rd.
  • 3 boxes at Wicklow Village East near Oakwood Drive and Midlothian Rd.
Please email us with any questions or to sign up.