What makes oak trees so special and so important? From use by the ancient Native American Pottawatomi tribes to providing beauty and shade in our yards and parks, these stately trees are witnesses to the rich heritage of our area. The eight types of Lake County oaks are keystone species which provide food and shelter to a wide variety of plants and animals. But their decline due to habitat loss, disease and over-development is cause for concern.

The Ancient Oaks Foundation would like to celebrate the beautiful oaks of our area( Lake Zurich, Hawthorn Woods, Deer Park and Kildeer) with a voluntary Heritage Oak Registry. An oak can be nominated based on its size, beauty, historical or family significance or any other quality that makes it special. Oaks on private or public property are eligible. Nominated trees will be assessed for size, canopy and general health by a certified arborist and you will be given the results of this assessment. When your oak is inducted into the Ancient Oaks Foundation Heritage Oak Registry, you will receive an award certificate and an opportunity to purchase a commemorative plaque suitable for indoor or outdoor display.

There is no cost for the nomination process. To nominate a tree, complete the application and follow the submittal instructions.

Heritage Oak Gallery

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Nominations may be made using the form below or by printing and completing the downloadable form(PDF). Please mail the completed form to: Ancient Oaks Foundation, 52 Robertson Rd. Lake Zurich, Il. 60047.

    Heritage Oak Nomination Form

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    *Tree nominator must ensure the tree owner gives permission for nomination and access to tree for evaluation.