Our Supporters

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Individuals and businesses listed below support the Ancient Oaks Foundation and care about high quality woodlands and natural areas of the Lake Zurich area.

In honor of Tim Reiss, Eagle Scout Award Recipient, BSA Troop 188, from Randy and Linda Crane


Craig and Pam Taylor
Reva James
Steve Wenzel Plumbing Corporation
Chris and Pam Wilson
Ellie Springfield
Marcia Stevenson
Leif and Susan Modig
Linda Rough
The Ploogs
Ruta Troutman –  @Properties, Barrington
The Benedyks
The O Garas
The Steve and Lynn Miller
Shirley Maus- Discover 22/33 Advertising
Brittany Thode
Linda Wirth
Mr and Mrs Renner
Mr and Mrs. Burger
Henry Jacob Thode
Sally Henning
Lake Zurich Tire and Auto
The Caceres’ in honor of restoring nature’s balance
Kevin and Christine Koch
Jane Clery
Denene Jenkins
Linda Vottero, DDS
The Schleichs
Dave and Sue Mock
Revival Boutique
Cathy Wifler – Wifler Law Group
Amanda Howland
The Garden Club of Lake Zurich


Tom and Jan Poynton
Dorinda Campbell
Tony and Sophia Mizdrak
Rob Neff
Kent and Sandy Smith
Byte Outfitters
Joel and Carla Nelson
Vince and Robin Mosca
Susan Moyer
Janet Barron
Allen and Amber Borg
Jim and Jan Papa
Roland and Nancy Hogg
Mike and Sarah Kleeman
Jim and Mary Mihelic
Paul and Mary Kozub
Kelly and Alex Johnson
Carl and Debbie Lind
Jerome and Kathleen Thode
Paulie Kutschat
Rick and Jeanette Burger
Barry Luneberg
Karen and Tony  Tom
The Gyarmaty
Susan Passaglia
Laurie Wilhoit
Randy Heidenfelder
Jim Grund
Tom Griffith
Tammy Cunnion
Nancy Solomon – Melon Ink
Kaplan Orthodontics of Lake Zurich


Business Sponsors

Here are some organizations and businesses that we recommend that will help you become more knowledgeable about native plants, tree care and other environmental information.

The Wildflower Preservation and Propagation Committee, Woodstock, Illinois

Natural Environments Greenhouse, Hawthorn Woods, Illinois