white oak

Bur, White Red Oaks -307 Kim Trail, Lake Zurich


There are several species of oaks on this property including bur, white red and swamp white oak. The homeowner has worked diligently to eradicate the buckthorn from the property and allow more desirable plants to prosper. The 1885 map of Lake Zurich shows that this area which is currently known as Zurich […]

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White Oak – 23080 Milton Rd, Mundelein


The property owner reports that this white oak was a trail marker for the Pottawatomie Native Americans in the early 1800’s. Although some oaks on her property have succumbed to oak wilt, this is one of many that remain. Wildlife such as owls, woodpeckers, raccoons, opossum, deer, fox and coyotes call her […]

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