Ancient Oaks Foundation Events

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Habitat Restoration Volunteer Workday Information

Join us for the rewarding work of habitat restoration.    Work days are on most Saturdays of each month from 9 am until around noon. 

Join our volunteer email list to keep informed about changes and additions to our regular workdays. Workday details:  Dress for the weather in clothes that you wont mind getting dirty. Adults over 16 and kids age 10 and up with an adult are welcome!  Various types of work from easy to strenuous are done throughout the year, yes, even in winter. In summer, apply insect repellent.  We provide water. There are no bathrooms but there are bushes!

Upcoming Workdays

Although we keep this information as current as possible,  join our email list [email protected] to be notified of changes in workday details.

For all workdays, wear sturdy gloves and insect repellent.   Dress in clothes that you don’t mind getting dirty.  In case of inclement weather, join our volunteer email blast [email protected]  for updates.

Sat. July 1 : No workday.  Enjoy your Independence Day Weekend!

Sat. July 8:  9 am to 11 am,  Kuechmann Park, 626 N. Old Rand Rd.  Invasives Clearing. 

Saturday July 15  9 am to noon.  Oak Ridge Marsh Nature Park, 500 Lions Drive, 9 am til 11 am.  Weed Eradication

Saturday, July 22,  9 am to noon.  Kuechmann Park, 626 N. Old Rand Rd. Invasives clearing

 Saturday, July 29,  9 am to noon.  Oak Ridge Marsh Nature Park, 500 Lions Drive,  Weed eradication.

Join AOF as we “Save the Monarch”

THANK YOU to Mayor Tom Poynton who has taken the Mayors Monarch Pledge.  Lake Zurich is now in the Mayors Monarch Leadership Circle.
The monarch butterfly population has declined by 90%  in the past 10 years.  This is mainly due to a decrease in milkweed habitat which is needed for reproduction and as a food source for caterpillars. Overuse of pesticides is also a contributing factor.

But the Save the Monarch program seeks to reverse this trend through awareness and, more importantly, giving humans the tools needed to help save the monarch in their own back yards.

The Ancient Oaks Foundation is heading this effort here in the Lake Zurich area.  We have already established several butterfly friendly gardens in Lake Zurich. 

While supplies last:  Free Bee Balm seeds.  Also know as Wild Bergamot, this beautiful lavender flower is an important source of nectar to all kinds of pollinators.  Contact us to receive a free packet.

For more information go to:

 AOF Board of Directors Meetings

Meetings are held on the second Monday of each month.  Please email us at “Contact” or [email protected]  with comments or questions.

NOW AVAILABLE!  Bee Balm seed.  Also know as wild bergamot, this beautiful lavender flower is loved by all kinds of pollinators.  Contact us at [email protected] give us your address and we will send you a packet of seeds