• Be green! You’ll be associated with Lake Zurich area’s ONLY local conservation group
  • Your clients and customers will know that you care about our local environment
  • You’ll make a positive contribution to the long-term health of our local natural areas and oak woodlands
  • You’ll be helping save local parks and natural areas from the risk of being sold for development
  • Our volunteer workdays make excellent team building/service events for employees
  • You’ll be supporting environmental education opportunities for the community
  • We are a 501(c)3 tax exempt foundation, and all contributions are tax deductible
  • Developed volunteer habitat restoration program (active since 2007)
  • Rehabilitated over ten acres (and growing) of oak woodland for the use and enjoyment of the public and wildlife
  • Mentored boy and girl scouts in achieving advanced levels of badges and ranks
  • Provide service hours for local schools, businesses, churches and service programs (including National Honor Society)
  • Offered educational scholarships to local municipal staff
  • Sponsored outdoor education classes for community residents¬†
  • Coordinated with the National Fish & Wildlife Service to develop our first local Save the Monarch Program
  • Developed a Heritage Oaks Registry program to celebrating our local ancient oaks

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Help preserve Lake Zurich area's oak woodlands and natural areas for future generations to enjoy.