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Baby Oak – 23707 Hearthside, Deer Park


This young bur oak is the first submission in our Future Heritage Oak category. The property owner found this oak hidden in some invasive brush and considers it a “natural unplanned surprise”. Her goal is for it to become an Ancient Oak and has plans to nurture that growth.


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Oak – 12 Brierwoods Lane, Hawthorn Woods


The property owner reports that this wooded property used to have a hunting cabin circa 1890-1920, then a deer lodge then a horse farm. They have cleared 3 acres of buckthorn from their property and have replanted native wildflowers and sedges under their oaks. We commend them for this as it will […]

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Bur Oak – Somerset Courtyard, Lake Zurich


This bur oak is situated at the Somerset Townhomes on Lakeview Place in Lake Zurich. Somerset resident, Lisa LaManna nominated it and fellow Lakeview resident Sarah Hudson also drew it to AOF’s attention. Earl Young, ( Sarah’s father) was a long time Lake Zurich resident who owned this property prior to development. […]

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Oak – 35 Lakeview Place, Lake Zurich


Sarah has great fondness for this oak, which is on the site of Sarah’s childhood home.  She reports that it has seen much foot traffic (and many changes!) in downtown Lake Zurich.    Sarah encourages anyone who travels on Lakeview Place to stop and admire its beauty.

Heritage Oaks […]

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Burr Oak – 8 Lagoon Drive, Hawthorn Woods


There are several bur oaks as well as shagbark hickories on this well maintained property at 8 Lagoon Drive in Hawthorn Woods of which the property owner is justly proud. This area of Hawthorn Woods was originally inhabited by Potowattami Native Americans, then in the mid 1800’s German and Dutch settlers enjoyed […]

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Burr Oak – 58 Robertson Road


This burr oak is located at 58 Robertson Road in Lake Zurich IL. The house on this property, (since demolished) was owned by Mrs. Berniece Latuszek and in the 1930’s was a boarding house for a nearby summer stock theater company. Mrs. Latuszek reported that a young Marlon Brando boarded in her […]

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