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Chicago Region Trees Initiative (CRTI) Partnership Award

L to R: Beth Slaughter (LZ CUSD 95), Judi Thode (President of AOF), Kevin Scheiwiller (LZ Tree Commission), Bonnie Caputo, Elke Kadzielawski, and Jenna Stanonik (LZ Parks & Recreation Department).

The Ancient Oaks Foundation, along with the Village of Lake Zurich and Lake Zurich Community Unit School District 95, were honored […]

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2019 Engagement With Parks Report

People visit their local park and recreation facilities twice a month, on average, with one in 10 visiting weekly, if not daily

Sixty-four percent of survey respondents indicate they visited a local park and/or recreation facility within a month of participating in the survey.

Eighty-five percent of the public considers high-quality park and recreation amenities important factors when […]

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Volunteers & Grants Help Support Local Green Spaces Including New Arboretum

Eagle Scout Liam Harper

On a recent Saturday morning, a dozen Boy Scouts from Troop 93 of St. Peter Church arrived at the Oak Ridge Marsh Nature Park on Lions Drive for a volunteer workday.  What they found was some new seed collecting equipment, courtesy of a grant from the Vital Lands […]

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How Animals Beat the Summer Heat

Did you ever wonder how animals beat the heat?

The other day I was wondering as I dripped while walking two very hot dogs…”How do wild critters do it?’ I was so hot, but I was headed home to air conditioning and a cold ‘one’!

Nature is full of surprises! I found out […]

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Glowing for Love: Fireflies Around Town

Wow! Oh, what a night!

Is it me or has the night erupted in sparkling and twinkling stars right on earth!

This is a great year for fireflies! I think they enjoyed our long and lingering wet spring and hot, humid summer.

You do know that they aren’t flies at all! They […]

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Terrific Turtles and How To Help Them Cross the Road!

What can be as big as a trash can lid and use its tongue to attract fish??? A Common Snapping Turtle! This is true!

Snapping turtles start out small, smaller than a quarter. They hatch from eggs and can live up to 70 years and weigh in at over 80 lbs. Not that we have seen […]

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Wildflowers of Spring & Early Summer

On your mark get set GO!!!!! Get out to watch the race in our Oak woodlands. It’s happening right now and hopefully will be a very long race.

Although Spring was late, the wildflowers of the oak woodlands are amazing stars of this race for sunlight!  They waited all last summer, fall […]

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Salamanders Can Dance and are a Sign of a Good Habitat!

When walking in the springtime woods you often see small temporary pools of water gathered in woodland depressions. These are called vernal pools. The vernal pools are a necessary part of a salamander life cycle. This time of year, salamanders are looking for love, they don’t have loud calls or squawks to let […]

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April Showers (& Snow), Will Bring May Flowers!

Wow! Are we done yet? Keep your boots out just in case!

We are excited that the month of May is here, and hoping that the old poem is correct in its forecast!

April Showers, Bring May Flowers

We certainly have had our April showers, snow, sleet and thundersnow, as well as rain.  […]

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