Lake Zurich, Illinois – November 9, 2020

The Village of Lake Zurich Board has approved the proposed Ancient Oaks Foundation (AOF) project to build a nature playscape inside of last year’s development of Kuechmann Arboretum.  The nature playscape named “Kuechmann Kove” is not a manufactured metal and plastic playground.   Using native plants, natural components and lots of trees,  this playscape is being designed to bring children, ages preschool to 12 years, out into nature and will provide opportunities for unstructured play in a woodland setting.  Features such as balance logs, a climbing mound and art slates will provide a well rounded play experience for participants. Studies show that children who play on these natural playscapes tend to play longer, use more imagination, stay more focused and improve small and large motor skills. 

This project was heavily researched by AOF board members visiting similar sights around the Chicagoland area, as well as working with a consultant from River Edge Nature Center in Newburg Wisconsin whose experts are nationally trained in design and construction of such playscapes.  Consideration was made on many different levels with respect to safety, materials and project costs, amongst other variables.

We envision Kuechmann Arboretum as the perfect location for a nature playscape due to the size, location, trail connections and natural communities located there. Kuechmann is classified as a neighborhood park and this inclusion of an arboretum and playscape fulfills and expands that role” states AOF President Judi Thode. 

AOF is seeking donations for this unique outdoor recreation area that can be used for generations to come!  Let’s get our kids outside and create spaces to use their imagination to PLAY! 

Building the playscape and improvements at Kuechmann Arboretum also contributes to the bigger vision of community connections. Board members and volunteers have already started to work on the development of the playscape.  Stay tuned for a community build day coming Spring 2021 near or around Arbor Day 2021.  The goal is to open for play by late Spring/early Summer 2021!