As reported by the owner: “While this tree may not be at its healthiest right now, I love the look of the gnarly branches on this massive Oak. Out of the 10+ Oak trees on our property, this one is my favorite. The branches spread both wide and tall. I can always find some type of wildlife perching, hunting or scavenging on it. The hollowed, dead branches provide a home for squirrels, raccoons and woodpeckers.  I believe this tree is original to this neighborhood (growing before there were homes here). Lake County GIS maps show 1939, 1946 and 1961 aerial photographs of our neighborhood. Our
home was built in 1954 and the aerial photograph shows our house as the only one on the block in 1961. Our property is a Certified Wildlife Habitat (from NWF) and we practice organic landscaping. By year 2 of living in this home, I made a vow that any plant I add to our yard will be a native species while striving to remove invasive species. I have now planted 20+ different species of woodland natives, as well as pollinator friendly natives.
Our property is home to amazing wildlife (that keeps growing each year!!). Each year I find more bees, more Monarchs and Swallowtails, more lightning bugs, more Yellow Finches and more Ruby Throated Hummingbirds! It’s extremely rewarding.”

Heritage Oaks Gallery